Embracing the vibrant spirit of our community, we proudly support local artists by utilizing their wonderful artwork throughout our property, providing a cherished space where their creativity flourishes and their art finds a home.

This artwork is available for purchase, allowing you to bring a slice of your vacation home.

Jacinto Rodriguez

We came back to Trás os Montes after 40 years to continue an ecologically sustainable development project that started in the 80s on a farm owned by our family.
Throughout these 40 years Jacinto continued his passion for ecosophy as a university professor and I, as a pedagogical advisor and trainer of kindergarten teachers at ESE Jean Piaget. In the late 1990s I started to collaborate with Jacinto in his research of the Portuguese solar energy pioneer, Manoel António Gomes Himalaya, better known as Father Himalaya.
Jacinto's research led to the publication of several works, books, articles, films and exhibitions whose titles and contents can be found on the blog

Angela Sellers

I came from England with my family to live in Portugal in the
the late 1940s, the birthplace of my family's paternal side for
several generations. I lived in and around Porto. I married and
raised a lovely family. After many years, I succumbed to the attractions
i succumbed to the attractions of the green hills and valleys of the Alto Minho. I have
of Complementary Medicine for several decades and have immersed myself in the world of herbs
decades and also immersed myself in the world of aromatic herbs
and their therapeutic properties. I have recently moved to the village of
paredes de Coura, where I enjoy its social life and the rich
abundance of flora and fauna. In recent times I have been devoting
my time to drawing, painting and pointillism which I find fascinating, challenging and
which I find fascinating, challenging and absorbing.

On the left Mariana Carapinho, and on the right Henrique du Vale

Some of his artworks

(The artwork is for sale here at Glamping)